Should You Choose Full Service Interior Design?

Posted on: 1 August 2022

If you're going to hire an interior design firm to help you with a project, there is a basic question. How far do you want the designer to go with the project? You could have someone lay out the plans and then let others execute them. However, you also could go with a full-service interior design approach. Let's look at what that means and whether you want to have a designer go all in.

What Is Full Service?

In this case, full service means the designers or their assistants will do everything. If they've developed a window treatment, then they will choose everything down to the materials for the drapes and possibly even the stitching. In many cases, they'll even do the work to produce finished items, especially if the design plan calls for bespoke solutions. Some folks may find that sounds fairly radical, but others will be thrilled to turn a talented design team loose.

Unity of Vision

More than anything, full-service interior design will produce a strong sense of unity. Within most design teams, someone almost always has the final say in what things will look like and how to spend the budget. You won't have to hope that you or a contractor can interpret the designer's vision, because they're going to be in your house executing their ideas.


Depending on the aggressiveness of the eventual design, the job may call for significant coordination of contractors. A designer might want to rebuild the entire lighting system for a room, for example. Perhaps they'll convert the lights to a recessed system. This means dealing with carpenters, electricians, and painters to execute the new idea.

Within a full-service interior design model, one company manages all the work. The designers will find and hire the contractors. Notably, they will often consistently use the same contracting firms and suppliers so you can expect rock-solid relationships and fast execution.


One firm will be with you throughout the interior design process. This level of commitment means greater assurance. You will consult with the designers at the start of the process and develop detailed plans. Those same people will be there at the end to make tweaks and fix issues. They'll even provide maintenance instructions for the various materials they used.

One Contract

Finally, you can centralize all the work under a single contract. This will increase accountability and trust because the design firm will be responsible for the execution of the plan. You can easily understand projected costs, too, because they will be right there in the agreement.

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