• FAQ About Investing in Curtains

    Are you trying to decide if hanging curtains at the windows in your bedroom is a good idea? You can't go wrong with hanging curtains because they are beneficial in several ways that will make the investment worthy. This article has a list of answers to a few of the questions that you might have before purchasing curtains for your bedroom. Can Curtains Make a Window Look Bigger? It is actually possible to make a window appear larger by hanging up curtains, and the task can be accomplished in several ways. [Read More]

  • Before You Take Your First Stitch: First Steps For The Beginning Quilter

    Quilting is a great hobby. It's relatively easy to learn the basics, and the gratification that comes from turning beautiful fabrics into a work of art is nearly instant. If you are interested in learning to quilt, you probably can't wait to get started on your first project. However, there are a few things you should do before you purchase your fabric and sewing supplies. Visit your local fabric store [Read More]