• Should You Choose Full Service Interior Design?

    If you're going to hire an interior design firm to help you with a project, there is a basic question. How far do you want the designer to go with the project? You could have someone lay out the plans and then let others execute them. However, you also could go with a full-service interior design approach. Let's look at what that means and whether you want to have a designer go all in. [Read More]

  • 5 Ways to Defeat Mental Blocks on Home Interior Design Projects

    Anybody tackling a home interior design project can arrive at a mental block. Ideas aren't always easy to come by, but you can get over the hump by applying some structure to the situation. Residential interior design professionals often use these five methods to get projects moving in the right direction. Start with the Practical Issues While people tend to focus on home interior design as an aesthetic issue, the reality is you also have to live in an indoor space. [Read More]