5 Ways to Defeat Mental Blocks on Home Interior Design Projects

Posted on: 22 March 2022

Anybody tackling a home interior design project can arrive at a mental block. Ideas aren't always easy to come by, but you can get over the hump by applying some structure to the situation. Residential interior design professionals often use these five methods to get projects moving in the right direction.

Start with the Practical Issues

While people tend to focus on home interior design as an aesthetic issue, the reality is you also have to live in an indoor space. Consequently, an easy mental self-starter is to look at a room from a practical perspective. Does the room have good flow, for example? If not, try to identify how a redesign could improve things.

There are plenty of practical concerns in every room. Look at how much light a room does or doesn't have. Think about whether furnishings and fixtures are becoming obstacles, too. A side benefit of this approach is that a functional room may become an aesthetically pleasing one, too.

Learn About a Style

Designers use plenty of different styles, and it's often useful to study one you may be less familiar with. If you have a decent understanding of traditional and highly formal interior design, for example, you might want to explore modernism. You don't have to adopt the style, but exploring it can challenge your assumptions and loosen up your thought process. Similarly, you can be creative by trying to incorporate elements of one style into another.

Grab Graphing Paper

It may end up being something of a pick-and-stick approach, but sometimes you just need to grab a piece of graph paper and start moving pieces around. Make cutouts of the big items in the room so you can easily move them around on the paper. Start thinking about how the different components may come together to create a residential interior design. Once you've seen several configurations, you may find one or two of them appealing while casting aside the others.

Take Pictures

Another approach is to start photographing the space in question. Once you have some images of the room, you can think about how the room might look in a different design. You will see the pros and cons of the current setup, and this can get you thinking about what the next one should look like.

Phone a Friend

Sometimes, you just need an outside opinion. Call a friend and ask them to offer some ideas. Note which ones click with you so you can incorporate those into your thought process.

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