Why Use A Full-Service New Build Interior Designer?

Posted on: 3 November 2021

If you want designing and furnishing help for your new build home, an interior designer can create perfect results which suit your personality, preferences, and space. While you can hire designers on a per-room basis to give you ideas and advice, you can also use a full-service specialist.

Here, your designer works with you from the idea stage through to implementation. Once you agree on design plans, they then source, buy and install everything for you.

Why use a full-service solution early in your new build process?

You Want to Integrate Your Build and Design Plans

Your building contractors will work to your plans. While they might also give you useful advice on the space you create in your new build property, they might not look at things from a design perspective. Once your home is ready, you might realize that you could have made minor changes that would better suit your design plans.

If you bring in an interior design service early, they can spot potential areas of improvement. For example, your designer might notice that your kitchen space isn't going to work with the units you want to install. Or, they might suggest that you lose some bedroom space to create a separate walk-in closet. Early notice here allows you to tweak your building plans to create perfect interior design spaces.

You Want to Save Time and Money

Once your home is built, you'll want to move in as soon as you can. However, you might have some extra work to do first.

If you're designing and dressing interior spaces from scratch, then you have to buy and install everything you need. If you need to order furniture, furnishings, or accessories, then you might have to wait for items to be made or delivered before you can move in.

If you use a full-service designer and involve them during the build rather than after it, then you get ahead of the game. By the time your home is ready, you'll have agreed on designs. Your designer will have started to buy the items you need to dress your rooms. They can then come in as the building work reaches completion and dress all your rooms. You don't need to find time to do this, and you can move in faster. Plus, while you have to pay an interior designer, they often save you money. Designers can buy items at trade prices. You won't get these discount costs on your own.

To find out more about full-service options, talk to new build interior design companies.