Furniture Follies: Common Mistakes To Avoid When Furnishing Your Home Office

Posted on: 26 January 2021

With health and safety concerns forcing more people than ever to work from home, having a well-designed home office is more important than ever. A well-designed office will make your workday more enjoyable and may even inspire you to be more productive. Avoiding common office furniture follies will help you design an office space that works for you and is an attractive addition to your home.

Know your style

Do not settle for furniture that does not match your office design theme, even though it can be tempting to sacrifice what you love for a cheaper price tag. You will likely have your home office furniture for years to come. Settling for something less than what you love can prove to be an unwise investment later.

For instance, if you are attracted to a clean and contemporary look, purchasing rustic office furniture because it is on clearance can prove to be a distraction in your workday. Be willing to pay a little extra to achieve the design style that is going to inspire you.

Size is important

Choosing furniture that is too large for your office can cause your workspace to appear cramped and cluttered. Likewise, selecting furniture that is too small for a large room can make the furniture appear scattered and haphazardly arranged. Always take accurate measurements of your office space prior to heading to the furniture store, as furniture showrooms are vast and can cause you to select furniture that is a poor fit for your office.

You should also determine where you are going to place your desk, bookcases, etc., and measure these areas accordingly. When you arrive at the furniture store, you can compare your measurements to make sure the items you purchase will fit in a specific spot in your office.

Color counts

Consider your personality when choosing the color of your office furniture. What color makes you feel energized and alert? Add at least one item in a color you love to help inspire your productivity.

Even if you love bright colors, such as red or yellow, adding just one piece of furniture to the room, such as an accent chair, can add the perfect pop of positivity to your workspace.

Gone are the days when the home office was just a desk and chair in the corner of the spare bedroom. Today's home offices are both pretty and practical and can transform the way you feel about your workday. Choosing the right furniture will get you off to a great start on designing a fabulous home office. Look into stores like Interior Landscapes that have office furniture available.