Three Unique Ways To Light A Backyard Pool For Nighttime Swimming

Posted on: 20 August 2018

If you have a swimming pool that is the focal point of your backyard, you may frequently enjoy pool parties that extend well beyond the sunny hours of the afternoon and into the evening. Nighttime swimming has an exciting feeling to it in many cases, and you can enhance this feeling with the right lighting. Working with a lighting professional who focuses on landscape lighting design is the right move in your situation, as you'll want to discuss and implement lighting options that will augment the experience of swimming after dark for you and your guests. Here are three unique ways that you can light the pool and the area around it.

Underwater Lights

A skilled lighting professional can install lights under the water in your pool, which will give the water an enticing glow. Underwater pool lights come in all styles, and while the pool will need to be empty for this work to be done, it's a good investment if you're eager to make the area around the pool nicer for you and your guests. Some homeowners favor lights that are just below the surface of the water and positioned around the perimeter of the pool, while others like the visual effect of lights that are placed deeper in the pool.

Fire Pit Lights

Real fire pits are appealing, but they can also require considerable maintenance when you're using them and can be a safety hazard. An alternative idea to discuss with your lighting professional is a fire pit that looks real, but is actually lit by lights that are buried beneath faux wood. These lights will cast a yellow-orange glow and may actually flicker to mimic real fire, but don't carry any safety risks and don't require any attention other than just switching them on when your guests are set to arrive.

Pool Deck Lights

Although the pool might be the main focal point, a nice-looking pool deck can also augment the nighttime swimming experience for your guests. In order to keep people from stumbling, as well as to create a pleasing atmosphere, talk to your lighting professional about lights around the pool deck. For a high-end look, consider lights that are built into the pool deck themselves. Use low-wattage bulbs that will warmly illuminate the path but not be so bright that they're glaring. Ask your lighting professional to show you examples of other landscape lighting that he or she has installed around pools to consider other ideas.