How To Decorate Your Family Room With A Cowboy Theme

Posted on: 19 November 2015

Whether you have training in interior design or you are decorating your family room with your own ideas, if you've selected to decorate with a cowboy theme, you're in for some fun shopping and planning. Here are some ideas that might help you.

  • The Walls - Whether you select wallpaper with a cowboy theme, wood paneling or paint for your wall treatment, it's the decor on the walls that will add the cowboy mood you are seeking. Consider framing pictures of all of your family members all decked out in articles of clothing like jeans, bandanas, cowboy shirts, cowboy hats and boots. Another fun thing to do would be to frame pictures of animals that belonged to famous cowboys. A couple to consider are Roy Roger's dog, Bullet and his horse, Trigger. Framed famous cowboy couples from old movies and television shows would be another good addition. The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and Sheriff Matt Dillon with Miss Kitty are all examples of classic cowboy stars from the past. Another idea would be to hang spurs, old cowboy hats, and bandanas as a wall grouping. Funny signs would add a great touch, too. Consider signs that say things like The Family Stagecoach, General Store and Cowboy Heaven.
  • The Floor - Hardwood floors would be a wonderful choice for a family room with a cowboy theme. The great part about hardwood floors for this type of room would be that, even when they age, the rustic look the floors would attain would still fit right in. Faux painting would be another great way to bring in your cowboy theme. A concrete floor can be made to look like pebble stones, wooden planks, old bricks or pretty much anything else your mind can envision. Buying a cowhide rug would complement any floor you select. Think of getting one with black and white or brown and white markings on it, as that will add some drama to the room. While you're at it, a second cowhide rug would make a great wall hanging. Cowhide rugs are affordable and treated in a way that assures you'll have yours for a very long time. They are also very easy to care for. Mostly, though, cowhide rugs would definitely add to the cowboy feeling you want in your family room.

As you look for cowboy decor, don't forget to look at antique shops, country stores, resale shops and at local craft fairs,